The University of Iowa is pleased to have the assistance of the many individuals who volunteer their time to help support the university and its mission. The information on this site provides guidance and resources to clarify the relationship of volunteers to the university for the purposes of compliance with university policies, assigning risk and protecting the interests of volunteers, the university, the State of Iowa, and the community.  Most importantly, this site provides the Volunteer Authorization Form that is strongly recommended for use with each and every volunteer position.

Volunteer Program Guidelines

  • Definition of a volunteer
  • Limitations on who may volunteer
  • Persons not covered by these Program Guidelines
  • Liability protection

Responsibilities for Departments

  • Volunteer Authorization Form
  • Orientation and Training
  • Sample Orientation Checklist 
  • Supervision
  • Termination

Responsibilities for Volunteers

Additional Resources 

  • Related Policies/Additional Resources
  • Offices that may provide guidance to departments/units
  • FAQs