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Operations Manual (
Criminal Background Checks (Operations Manual Part III Ch. 9.3)
Ethics and Responsibilities (Operations Manual Part III Ch. 16)
Community Policies (Operations Manual Part II)
Minors on Campus (Operations Manual Part II Ch. 16)
Sexual Harassment (Operations Manual Part II Ch. 4)
University Driving Policy (Operations Manual Part V Ch. 19.5)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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Executive Vice President & Provost
Risk Management, Insurance, and Loss Prevention
University Human Resources - Complimentary Appointments

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the definition of a University of Iowa Volunteer?

You are a Volunteer if you provide services to or on behalf of the University and have no legal duty to do so, have no personal interest or gain from the activity, and receive no compensation or consideration (except expense reimbursement) for the services you provide.

2. What happens if I am injured while I am volunteering for University of Iowa?

Volunteers who sustain illnesses or injuries during volunteer activities should contact their University of Iowa supervisors immediately (volunteers who require emergency care should seek treatment immediately). Volunteers may be eligible for medical coverage for injury sustained during the course of their volunteer activities.

Note: If academic credit is received by the student for participating in a University event or providing services associated with the student’s academic study, the student is deemed to have a personal benefit in the activity and is not considered a volunteer. In these cases, the student is not covered by the University for medical coverage. The student must rely on his/her own personal health insurance to respond to illness or injury.

Subject to the determination of the Iowa Attorney General in a particular case, Chapter 669 of the Code of Iowa provides for defense and indemnification of University of Iowa employees, volunteers, and agents while they are acting within the scope of their authorized volunteer duties, and while under the direction and supervision of the University.

3. What about if I would like to volunteer for my department and my voluntary activities would be the same type of activities as my University job duties?

A university employee may not volunteer to perform activities that are of the same type as those duties performed as an employee, whether in the same department or in an entirely different department/unit.

4. When I participate in a student organization service event am I considered a University of Iowa volunteer?

Student organization members, and their participants/friends/volunteers who are completing volunteer work on behalf of non-UI agency, are not considered University of Iowa volunteers.  An example would be a student org event to provide care to the animals at the local animal shelter would not make you a University of Iowa volunteer.

However, if the student org service event is for the University then you would be considered a University of Iowa volunteer.  An example would be Dance Marathon events make you a University of Iowa volunteer because it benefits the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.


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