Drone (UAS) policy

(Revised 04/20/2020)

The purpose of this policy is to maintain a general “NO DRONE ZONE” over University property and to protect the University community while defining specific exceptions to support the University’s use of drones in education, research, and outreach.  Additionally, aerial data collection with a drone can potentially assist in University facilities/land management, public safety, athletics, marketing, and other support functions.

The University Drone policy applies to any Drone, parts to assemble a Drone, or Drone services purchased with university funds or with funds being disbursed through a university account; all faculty, staff, students, volunteers, visitors and members of the public who launch or land a Drone on Campus or fly-over Campus; all university-controlled and/or university-owned Drones launched or landed outside of University Property. All members of the University community are responsible for complying with Federal Aviation Administration regulations, federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances, and University of Iowa policies and procedures with respect to the operation of drones.

This site provides the Drone Flight Request Form that must be completed and approved prior to launch and the Landowner Drone Flight Consent Form that must be completed if launching or landing a University owned Drone from non-University property. If your Drone Flight Request is approved, you will be issued a Drone Flight Approval notice which must be in the possession of the remote pilot in charge or the drone operator at all times during the drone operation.  Please contact the Department of Risk Management if you have questions about this policy or the forms at 430 Plaza Centre One or https://riskmanagement.fo.uiowa.edu/.

Drone (UAS) policy

Drone Flight Request Form

Landowner Drone Flight Form

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Campus Drone Committee Members

Drone Committee Members

  • Erin Feltes – Office of General Counsel
  • Josey Bathke – Risk Management
  • Emily Robnett - Risk Management (co-chair)
  • Michael Weaver - Office of the Vice President for Research (co-chair)
  • Kirk Murray – Office of Strategic Communication
  • Kevin Kregel – Office of the Executive Vice President & Provost
  • Wendy Moorehead – Finance and Operations
  • Douglas Vance – UIHC Safety and Security
  • David Visin – Department of Public Safety

Drone Advisory Group

  • Jeff Aaberg - University Housing & Dining
  • Josh Berka – Athletics
  • Patricia Cone-Fisher – Division of Sponsored Programs, Export Control
  • Dan Fine – Faculty Representative
  • Thomas Schnell – Faculty Representative
  • Jan Waterhouse – Employee & Labor Relations, Human Resources
  • Local Building Coordinator(s)