Contract Review for Risk Identification

Contract Review

Risk Management staff are available to review contracts and agreements.  Main areas of concentration for review include insurances requirements, hold harmless agreements and indemnification language.

Contracts commonly include insurance requirements to cover liability and property loss exposures of the parties. As a general rule, the University does not purchase commercial liability insurance, but is "self-insured" for tort liability. If required, a Certificate of Self-Insurance can be provided by Risk Management The University's self-insurance will not provide indemnity to third parties. The University may not name others as additional insureds and, in general, may not agree to hold harmless arrangements.

Certificates of Insurance

Contracting Authority

Contracting authority for the University of Iowa is limited to the Board of Regents, the President, and specified individuals or offices (Vice President for Research, Senior Vice President for Finance and Operations, University Business Manager, Director of Purchasing). The majority of departments do NOT have contracting authority.

Contracting Information

Contracting Contacts