Risk Management oversees the commercial insurances and internally funded risk financing programs (also referred to as “self-insurance") that cover the University’s property and liability exposures. The insurances purchased by the University are in addition to the protections or coverages provided by the State. Some of the main coverage areas are summarized below.

Insurance Needs or Questions

In special instances, an individual employee or department may need separate, additional or different insurances from those already covering the University. This could be for a specific activity, event, contract or grant.  Employees and departments should not directly purchase insurance. For any insurance needs or questions, please contact Risk Management: 319-335-0010.

Fidelity (Theft)

The University of Iowa is insured under the State of Iowa's blanket fidelity bond which provides coverage for theft of state property by a state employee. The University of Iowa also maintains a self-insured program for robbery and theft of money. Departments have a deductible; please contact Risk Management department, 319-335-0010.

Reporting Theft of Money and Fidelity Losses

Because theft is a criminal act, all thefts must be reported to Public Safety immediately 319-335-5022. If the loss occurs off campus, report it to the local police department. Contact the Department of Risk Management, Insurance & Loss Prevention regarding claims: 319-335-0010.



Iowa Code, Chapter 669:

The University of Iowa is an agency of the State of Iowa and as such, is self-insured for liability. Claims against the State of Iowa are handled as provided in the Iowa Tort Claims Act (Iowa Code, Chapter 669) which also sets forth the procedures by which tort claims may be brought.

Under Chapter 669, claims may be filed against the State on account of wrongful death, personal injury or property damage (including reasonable attorney fees) incurred by reason of the negligence of the University or its employees while acting within the scope of employment.

The State will defend, indemnify and hold the University and its employees harmless against any and all tort claims under the U.S. Constitution, statutes or rules of the United States and/or any other state, but will not cover willful or wanton acts, omissions or malfeasance in office.

Commercial Liability Insurance:

In general, the University of Iowa does not purchase commercial liability insurance. Instead, the University relies on certain statutory protections for the University or its employees pursuant to the Code of Iowa, Chapter 669.

The University may purchase liability insurance or participate in self-insured liability pooling or other arrangements for medical professional liability, motor vehicle liability, or other liability if required by statute, contract, or special circumstance. Refer questions, requests for insurance, or certification regarding liability insurance and self-insurance programs to the Department of Risk Management, Insurance & Loss Prevention, 319-335-0010.

Claims and Incident Reporting

Liability claims against the University of Iowa are handled through the State Appeal Board claim process. A State Appeal Board Tort Claim Form must consist of three (3) notarized originals and be filed with the State Appeal Board (address on form).

State Appeal Board Claim and Affidavit


Liquor Liability

The University of Iowa holds a Class C liquor permit from the State of Iowa, Alcoholic Beverage Division and is licensed to sell and serve alcoholic beverages through the Iowa Memorial Union Food Service. All sales or services must be contracted through that department.

The University of Iowa is prohibited from service or sale of any alcoholic beverage off campus, in residence halls, parking lots, or any outdoor areas except as specifically licensed. Service or sale of alcoholic beverages is restricted to specific buildings on campus. Contact Vice President for Student Services and Dean of Students for information regarding licensed locations.

Please refer to Chapter V-26 of the University Operations Manual for the guidelines regarding alcoholic beverage services.


Motor Vehicles

Primary Liability (University Vehicles)

The University of Iowa participates with other Iowa Board of Regents Institutions in the Iowa Regents Motor Vehicle Self-Insurance Program. The program responds to liability claims for property damage or bodily injury arising from an accident involving University vehicles where the University driver was more than 50% negligent. Claims are processed pursuant to the Iowa Tort Claims Act, Chapter 669 of the Code of Iowa.


Physical Damage Coverage (University Vehicles)

The Regents Motor Vehicle Self-Insurance Program includes coverage for comprehensive and collision damage to University vehicles, subject to a $500 deductible per loss. The deductible will be assessed to the department.


Excess Liability (Non-Owned, Borrowed, or Personal Vehicles)

For non-owned (including rentals, personal, or borrowed) vehicles, the Regents Motor Vehicle Self-Insurance Program will apply only as an excess liability coverage. In an accident, the non-owned vehicle owner must look to their own automobile insurance coverage as the primary insurance. The University's travel reimbursement program includes a provision for insurance expenses in the mileage rate calculation for personal vehicle use.

The University's excess liability coverage will apply only when the driver was an authorized University employee on University business at the time of the loss, and the vehicle owner's policy has been exhausted.

The University will not reimburse an employee, or other private owner, or their insurer for any deductible or liability claim paid by their auto insurance policy, or for any damage to the vehicle.

Questions regarding liability should be directed to the Office of Risk Management. If appropriate, any reimbursements by the University will be coordinated through the Office of Risk Management. Injuries to University employees while traveling on University business are covered under Workers’ Compensation. Contact: Staff Benefits 319-335-2976 or 877-830-4001.


Property Insurance

The University purchases commercial catastrophic property insurance to cover buildings and contents.

Departments may seek reimbursement for losses from theft or other unavoidable causes through the Department of Risk Management, Insurance, and Loss Prevention. A departmental deductible will apply.

Losses should be reported within 48 hours.

Claims and Incident Reporting

Property insurance generally covers loss by fire, lightning, smoke, theft, explosion, wind, and hail. Please contact Work Control to prevent further damage in the event of a loss, 319-335-5071. All thefts must be reported to Public Safety immediately, 319-335-5022. If the loss occurs off campus, report it to the local police department. Contact the Department of Risk Management, Insurance, and Loss Prevention for further information, 319-335-0010.

Facilities Management Services Guide (pdf)

Rental Vehicles

The University of Iowa has a rental agreement with National Car Rental with a supplemental agreement with Enterprise. Departments/employees are to use this contract when it is available logistically as insurance coverage and unlimited mileage are already provided within the rental rate for travel within the continental United States (some exceptions apply). Please visit the University’s Travel Website to make your reservation. Do not purchase insurance as this is already provided under the rental agreement.

Injuries to University employees while traveling on University business are covered under Workers’ Compensation. Contact: Staff Benefits 319-335-2976 or 877-830-4001.


When a National Car Rental vehicle is not available

If Enterprise/National isn't an option on your trip, you must purchase the minimum amount of liability and Loss or Collision Damage Waiver (CDW or LDW) coverage available. The cost of this insurance is a reimbursable University travel expense.


Use of another rental agency when National is available

If you rent from Enterprise/National under another contract ID/account number or choose another rental firm, check with your personal auto insurer for coverage or purchase the basic liability coverage at your own expense. There will be no reimbursement to an individual's personal insurance for rental vehicle damages or claims. Therefore, it is very important to remember to use the University contract when renting vehicles at any location.


Personal Use of Rental Vehicles

Prior to renting and using the vehicle for personal use the traveler should contact their personal automobile insurance carrier and determine if their personal automobile coverage would cover all damages including loss of use of the rental vehicle. In the event of loss during a personal rental, the traveler’s personal automobile insurance may be excess above National Car Rental.


Reporting Accidents - Rental Vehicles

Any accident occurring during the course of university business must be reported by the university driver via the Online Vehicle Accident Report through Employee Self Service, regardless of injury, property damage, location, or responsible party. In the event you are involved in an accident in a National or Enterprise vehicle rented under the University of Iowa/Big 10 contract, follow the Enterprise and National instructions . To verify coverage or report a claim please contact the Travel Department (319-335-0115) and Risk Management (risk-management@uiowa.edu).