Responsibilities of Iowa volunteers

  1. Volunteer must review and sign a completed Volunteer Authorization Form prior to beginning any volunteer activities.
  2. Volunteers should be aware of the possibility of a criminal background check prior to being authorized to volunteer with the university. If a background check is required, it must be completed prior to starting volunteer activities.
  3. It is the responsibility of each volunteer to complete any appropriate orientation and training for the activities he or she will be expected to perform. If there are any questions about the orientation or training requires please seek direction from the volunteer supervisor.
  4. Volunteers should become familiar and comply with all University policies and procedures. For more information on these policies, please see the University of Iowa Operations Manual at:  
  5. Volunteers should conduct themselves in such a way as to uphold the mission, core values, and culture of the University of Iowa while participating in volunteer activities.
  6. When volunteers will have contact with minors (individuals under age 18), the volunteer must comply with the Minors On Campus policy (see Resources).
  7. When a volunteer drives as part of their volunteer activities they must be approved through the Driver License Review System before driving on behalf of the university. The volunteer must also comply with the University Driving Policy.  If the volunteer is authorized in writing by the department to use their own personal vehicle, then the volunteer should be aware their personal auto policy will have primary financial responsibly for any accidents.

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